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Brand Consultant / Cultural Critic / Cultural Industry Scientist Representative Director, Institute of Cultural Industry Science


Representative Director, SAKATA ISHIYAMA OFFICE


​Experts from public institutions, expert committee members, etc.

・Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency Expert Advisor (March 2023)

“Guide training project that provides high value-added inbound tourism services”

Sentence Ministry of Science and Technology Agency for Cultural AffairsExpert(March 2021)

Cultural Policy Council Cultural Policy Subcommittee Art Market Revitalization Working GroupLecture presentation at Loop (2022.3.4)

​・Hyogo Prefecture​ Kobe City Tourism, Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau Chairman (October 2022 - March 2023)

“SDGs/Sustain Navi for promoting inbound tourism among wealthy people in Western cultural areas”Committee on Tourism Strategy


・ Appointed “SDGs/Sustainability Ambassador” of Tajima Fisheries Cooperative Association, Hyogo Prefecture (from 2022)

・Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Fisheries Cooperative AssociationofAppointed as “SDGs and Sustainability Ambassador” (from 2021)

・ Appointed as “SDGs/Sustainability Ambassador” of Hyogo Prefecture Akashiura Fisheries Cooperative Association(from 2021)


"Branding, criticism, information design, and various content development of cultural arts" based on interdisciplinary knowledge such as brain science, cultural psychology, educational science, and arts.

Building a system for adding value to modern and contemporary art, a global brand strategy for traditional Japanese culture.


・Special lecture at the 2015 United Nations (FAO) International Conference, special exhibition at Expo Milano.

・2018 Published academic books by Omotesenke Iemoto Sen Sosa Sousa, Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama Chef Kunio Tokuoka, and Chairman of the Society of Cultural and Industrial Science Toru Ishiyama (Society of Cultural and Industrial Science)

・In 2019, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, he was one of the representatives of Japan and gave a special lecture on "Japanese culture centered on tea ceremony and Japanese cuisine and efforts of SDGs" and published an academic book.

・2021, A scholarly book on resource sustainability will be published.


In addition, many academic treatises and newspaper and magazine articles have been published.

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