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Case Studies of GRAND TOURISM

Kyoto Nanzenji Hyotei(July 2023)

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Hyotei Kuzuya.jpg
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Introduction to Nanzenji Hyotei(Excerpt from the homepage)


Nanzenji Hyotei also serves as a gatehouse within the Nanzenji precincts, and is a pine forest teahouse outside the main gate of Nanzenji Temple. As a hermitage, we have cultivated a history of over 450 years.

Although it is a long-established store that appears to have an unchanging existence, it has survived the culling of the times and taken on new challenges many times.


With a philosophy of peace, dignity, harmony, respect, and a foundation of tea kaiseki, we have continued to repeat tradition and innovation to this day.


In a tea room that changes with the seasons, Kyoto cuisine is prepared while keeping the spirit of the tea ceremony in mind, such as the famous "Hyotei Tamago", summer's "Asagayu", and winter's "Uzura Gayu". Please enjoy the essence of.

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