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Toru Sakata Ph.D. Lecture Theme

・ Brand brain science / psychology

・ SDGs and brand strategy

・ Brand strategy of Japanese culture and art

・ ART and brand strategy

・ Regional revitalization and regional branding

・ Industrialization of culture, industrialization of art

United Nations NY 2019.6_edited.jpg

International lecture at United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA in 2019

Toru Sakata Ph.D. Case of Lecture

・ May 2021 Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry New Industrial Development Promotion Organization "What are SDGs? Innovation of SDGs and industry-government-academia collaboration"

・ May 2021 Keio University Koshosha Global Environmental Study Group "What are SDGs? SDGs and Corporate Global Brand Strategy"

・ April 2021 Earth Study Group Lecture "Brand Brain Science, Psychology-From Companies to Regional Revitalization-"

・ March 2021 Earth Study Group Lecture "How to Apply SDGs"

・ February 2021 Earth Study Group Lecture "Basics of SDGs"

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